Thursday, August 28, 2008

Use Windows Mobile Device as MMC Storage Card Reader

Tired of using your windows mobile always to connect with your pc thru Active sync and copy the data's is a quite time consuming process , convert your windows mobile device into a memory card reader just install the software called Wmstorage to your windows mobile and make a soft reset , then open the wmstorage application the activate and connect it with ur desktop or laptop , the memory card of your device will be accessed as a USB thumb drive thats it copy and restore your valuable datas to & from the mobile


Friday, August 22, 2008

Pointui 1.5a for windows mobile 5,6.0,6.1

Pointui is a finger friendly interface for windows mobile based phone with almost all the operations can be carried out like contact viewing ,accesing applications ,accesing the system informations and many more a nice interface to replace the boring windows mobile interface , the application is purely finger friendly no need for the stylus, the weather screen included in pointui covers mostly many cities around the world

some of the sample screenshots

Monday, October 15, 2007

Free Web Browser for windows mobile 5

This program has been developed to give Windows Mobile users the facility to have a very useful and functional tabbed web browser. Other tabbed mobile web browsers are either bulky, slow, or not free. This program is entirely free to use and uses Pocket Internet Explorer to show the web pages

Windows Mobile 5
Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0


* Tabbed Browser
* Standard Navigation Buttons (Back, Forward, Refresh, Stop)
* Open links in new tab
* Duplicate tab
* View Source (customise external viewer/editor)
* Remember closed tabs
* Remember typed URLs
* Full Screen mode
* Hide Tabs Option (to increase viewing area)
* Various Tab Options (Close, Close Others, Reload All)


This program has been developed using Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0.7045.0, which is required to run it. Only this version will work as there are numerous bugs in previous versions, as well as this one, but this is the one that is most stable and enables the functionality to open new tabs.

Favourites are managed by Pocket Internet Explorer.

There is a known issue when navigating, the back/forward buttons do not function correctly. For example, when you click on a link for the first time you should be allowed to "go back". However, due to bugs in Microsoft .NET Compact 2.0 this does not register correctly that you can "go back". However, there is a workaround, which is to go to another tab and then return. This then registers correctly.

Before downloading you must agree END-USER LICENSE at developer's page

Download Here

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SmileySMSv1.5.1 for windows Pocket phone or smart phone

- Shows and displays smilies found in SMS texts.
- Assign .mp3,.ogg,.wav,.mod and other popular music file formats as your SMS ring tones.
- Remove phone number from the title of SMS notification,when the contact is known.
- Replace number in body of delivery report with the name of contact.
- Shows pictures of contacts in SMS notification.
- Easier to use menus for working with SMS notifications.
- WM5.0 like notifications for WM2003 users.
- Support for vibrate
- All features(including program) are configurable through control panel

So overall this program is a plugin for default MailBox program,and whenever you receive an sms this program shows special notification message.
This program does not change your SMSes.

Download Here

Thursday, September 6, 2007

convert your windows mobile into iphone

convert your windows mobile into an iphone by just installing the theme there is no installation needed just extract all the files for the zip file into one folder and run launcher.exe

Full description is given inside the zip file

Click here to download